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What's in our Baby Balm?

What's in our Baby Balm?
Our baby balm came about in the most natural way...one of our co-founders had a baby! And thus began hours of research into non-toxic and eco-friendly diaper balms. So much research that she wasn't able to pick one by the time her baby arrived. So in the first couple weeks, she just started using our No.1 Taui Balm. 
She used it on diaper rash, on stretch marks, on cracked nipples, after baby bath time...basically all the time! 
And while the No.1 Balm works great for babies and adults alike, we decided that we wanted to experiment with a Baby Balm for two reasons:
  1. We wanted a balm that didn't have honey in it. there are some concerns about honey being a possible allergen for babies. It's not clear that it would be an issue in a balm, but some parents just choose to steer clear of honey entirely.
  2. We wanted the Baby Balm to be as affordable as possible while still being able to source high quality ingredients. 
So let's talk about ingredients! The Baby Balm has our signature base of olive oil and beeswax and then a blend of Jojoba Oil and Apricot Oil. As in all our balms, you can be certain that every ingredient is working in the product. We don't use ingredients just for scent or color. 

What's so great about Jojoba Oil? 

  • Jojoba oil is a humectant ingredient, which means that it creates a protective barrier by sealing with your skin. When it comes to diaper rash, this is SO important. 

  • Jojoba oil is full of Vitamin E. That means it's an antioxidant that fights the effects of pollutants and other toxins.

  • Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it's often used to deal with dryness, itchy skin, rashes, flaking skin, psoriasis and eczema

What's so great about Apricot Oil? 

  • Apricot oil is really versatile. It's often used as a massage oil, or as a carrier oil for essential oils. it can also be eaten and is really healthy for you!

  • Apricot oil is very light and has a fine texture, so it absorbs easily into the skin

  • Apricot oil is full of vitamin E and vitamin A, both essential nutrients for your little one

Different ways to use our Baby Balm 

Like all of our balms, you can feel free to use the Baby Balm on things that aren't babies! Plenty of our customers also use it as their own moisturizer, or for their own eczema or psoriasis. But here are some common ways to start using your jar: 
  • Diaper balm
  • Cradle cap ointment
  • After bath time (for mom and baby)
  • Stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Cracked or bleeding nipples (yes, this is edible!) 
  • On little scrapes, rashes and owies