Taui Balms

Here’s what we’re all about

1. Keeping it simple

2. Being honest

3. Having fun 

Remember that Portlandia episode...

...with Colin the chicken? Well, meet Benjamin the Bee. Ben is posing for us on a small organic farm about halfway between Eugene and the Pacific Ocean. We get all our wax and other bee products from places just like this throughout Oregon’s Willamette Valley. While we don’t exactly know every single bee, we know every one of our beekeepers and their hive management practices to ensure we are getting the best, most sustainable bee products possible.

We’re actual Portlanders (not just Brooklyn transplants!)

We make, pour and label every jar ourselves in our facility in Portland, Oregon. Yeah, that sounds a little tedious, but we brew up a big pot of coffee (who are we kidding, we’re Portlanders, we only do pour over), turn on some podcasts and pitter patter.

Woman-owned, family operated

Taui Balms is what you might call a product-first company. We love balms -- they work great and they're safe. We have one now and we have more coming. The other thing we love is our independence.