Taui Balms

Why balms? Because they work.

Oh, you want more than that? Okay, here's the long version:

Less water, more moisture

Because balms contain no water, all you’re getting with a balm is 100% highly concentrated, active ingredients. In addition, a little goes a long way and balms last a bunch longer than creams.

Multipurpose magic

While creams and serums are often for just one part of your body, balms are great for multi-purpose use. You can use our Face Balm on burns and bug bites, or grab a dab of the Baby Balm to soothe those dry elbows or knees. Lip balm, scar and rash ointment, makeup remover and hair mask...there's nothing our balms can't do!

Balms to the rescue

Balms are especially good at healing by creating a barrier that prevents water loss from the outer layer of the skin. That's why balms work great in areas with cold weather or high pollution.